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It’s all about the swipe; not about the words.

Laugh now alligator came to channel the energy

bleeding edge curiosity

go outside to be alone

sex violence role play-

do me a favor & take a look at what you see… and see how

clearly it is 100% your own and no one else’s.

Consider the gravity of that statement. Contort the

withering abode. Contort the creation everlong

forever insistent, within the flow

thus this infinite nothing,

thus this ever present effervescent constant beginning

reblogging the same meme.

Mind games together.

Dictator being

inquisitive meaning

the interfacing community.

Insistent insistent

whispering. Sometimes the shit

is just whack.cox_AR



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 is for Asshole
The rogue within knows no sin

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Eon Ago

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tries to bring about emotional well-being, spirituality,  unfortunately has a teensy upsurge to gullibility, spends touch of magical delusions and fogginess,

scenes of bureaucracies

young girl with sonic recall technique like repeater childhood immensity

stiffened aberrant duty     …. however them protocol repeater technique recall

somatic unromantic rigarmoroleplay

“Let’s see if there is pain or discomfort.” to the incident

If mother is troubled; if father is troubled.

apt and pleading extremity of pain,

phenomenon unconsciousness,

the rapidity split hypnotic dross

You are so god

kindred alignment contra naturam              

Healthful self-assurance globule higher strength phrase, hymnal vessel, cellularity, zygosis blackened; thus, utterly silkened web.

Justin Lee Williams  Design You Trust.

elemental fixation, northern rule, cargo trauma merchant propagandeer to the switchboard brain curator-dealer melanoma gold perpetuates successful shrieking bone marrow note

Loving, compassionate, peaceful attire, uneven patterns mutate through re-stimulating errors of past miscellany, deviant experiences far removed & unsympathetic to moral impediment. Speak, yee, through vocational lore, psychological ministry. Holy order. Spiritual crime. Animus thrust. Metanarratives. Uncoiling enlightened dispossess. Velocity of escape. Fluence. Priory. Vulgar ambition. Industrious lust. A transmitter inventing no language. Broader submission to strange in a strange land. The  vanishing boundary between the uncanny and the absurd. “It is something I cannot see and have not heard.”

Cutting Edge Prints, Week 32/11 by $codenamepanther on deviantART



– Stop watching television

Make fun of television and those who watch it (at the very least, you want to bestow upon your fellow human the recognition of the soul sucking abyss that is the idiot box).

The things you do with your massive amounts of extra time will free you  in so many ways, for starters, you won’t know what the fuck to do with yourself so you’ll immediately go into crisis mode. This attack of anxiety is necessary and beneficial, as it will force you to acknowledge that you no longer have a personality of your own because you traded it for television long ago. Now, the fun begins because your life is starting to look like your own again. Your panic is, in fact, a result of your IMAGINATION working overtime to produce frightening and reassuring scenarios for the sake of your cognition.

Understandably, you are at a loss, because you no longer rely on the format of a script written by an assembly with an agenda not your own, for you did not write it. Understandably, your alarm grows as you perceive how your lack of self-reliance has left you weak and enfeebled. You wonder who you really are. You wonder what television has made you. You wonder who is behind the screen.

If you manage to avoid your impulsive urge to swan dive for the remote control, that action will be the impetus for to DO something. Doing leads to understanding and this will be how you figure out who you are. Left to your own devices, you will be forced to cultivate your time and environment in accordance with the impromptu script that you create moment to moment. It will be a revelation and a relief when you manage to fully disengage yourself from the broadcast of fabricated stereotypes, for you no longer acquiesce yourself to the lie that you prefer television over your soul.

Should your brain scream with initial fear, but what will i DO, recall that there is a world out there for you and that the “outside” world is as infinite as your “inside” world.

Plant a seed, a few seeds; scatter them, whatever.

Rainbow hunt. Go to the thrift store and buy something you can turn into an instrument. Learn to sew. Learn jiu jit su. Learn to listen quietly to your own thoughts. Learn to open your mouth and sing. Teach someone about yourself by telling them a story that informed you in a positive and poignant way. Read anything you want. Go on the bastard internet! Run around on a field with a ball. Go enjoy something. Go give something to someone that they can enjoy. Go meditate. Cart wheel down the side of the road. Research your interests. Gain a few insights. Do some math cause geometry is rad. Cop a squat. Come up with ways to save the world. Chew grass and watch the sun set. You get the gist. Creation is infinite. Go embrace it.

F o r g e t / R e m e m b e r

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Back then we were hooligans

denizens of grids in the midst of a freeload movement.

if I cocked my head and squinted one eye…

An eight week old human embryo.
I could almost write a rap song about it.

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