Eon Ago

Posted: November 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

tries to bring about emotional well-being, spirituality,  unfortunately has a teensy upsurge to gullibility, spends touch of magical delusions and fogginess,

scenes of bureaucracies

young girl with sonic recall technique like repeater childhood immensity

stiffened aberrant duty     …. however them protocol repeater technique recall

somatic unromantic rigarmoroleplay

“Let’s see if there is pain or discomfort.” to the incident

If mother is troubled; if father is troubled.

apt and pleading extremity of pain,

phenomenon unconsciousness,

the rapidity split hypnotic dross

You are so god

kindred alignment contra naturam              

Healthful self-assurance globule higher strength phrase, hymnal vessel, cellularity, zygosis blackened; thus, utterly silkened web.

Justin Lee Williams  Design You Trust.

elemental fixation, northern rule, cargo trauma merchant propagandeer to the switchboard brain curator-dealer melanoma gold perpetuates successful shrieking bone marrow note

Loving, compassionate, peaceful attire, uneven patterns mutate through re-stimulating errors of past miscellany, deviant experiences far removed & unsympathetic to moral impediment. Speak, yee, through vocational lore, psychological ministry. Holy order. Spiritual crime. Animus thrust. Metanarratives. Uncoiling enlightened dispossess. Velocity of escape. Fluence. Priory. Vulgar ambition. Industrious lust. A transmitter inventing no language. Broader submission to strange in a strange land. The  vanishing boundary between the uncanny and the absurd. “It is something I cannot see and have not heard.”

Cutting Edge Prints, Week 32/11 by $codenamepanther on deviantART



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